Quality Policy


Providing and servicing medical equipment for the human health sector GESCA considers its first priority is to provide the best and most modern equipment and supplies that are safe and reliable. 

Quality targets aim at a quick and efficient, but even more, an accurate service to our customers, without any compromise with regard to product quality . 

As the quality of the medical supplies and equipment is essential to our business, Gesca will only work with the best Foreign Suppliers with whom special agency agreements are made. In its servicing Gesca only uses the best working methods and supplies. 

Services quality is guaranteed by quality system, consistent with ISO-9002:1994, which results amongst other things, in personnel having the required experience, in appropriate administrative producer and in rigorous testing of our products upon delivery. 

Gesca aims at a specialized sector of the market and, consequently, based on our experience and knowledge, we are in an excellent position to meet the expectations of our customers. 

The quality of our products and services are of the utmost important to the continuity of our business. Consequently we expect all our employees to contribute to maintain and, if possible to improve, our quality level. Management committed, by the signing of this policy, to provide the necessary means.

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