Technical Staff

Our technical staff consists of a huge number of highly trained engineers and technicians trained inside and outside EGYPT specialized in the medical equipments with different backgrounds of pure biomedical engineering bachelor degree to electronics, software, power, fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering high education and experience. A lot of our staff have experience exceeding 10 years in GESCA

We take care of the following:

Preinstallation studies, which give you an idea about your requirements to fully install and operate your equipments properly.
Installing the equipments exactly as per manufacturer’s requirements.
Providing full training to Doctors, nurses and hospital technical staff to allow them to successfully operate, adjust, apply to patient and make simple maintenance and cleaning for the equipments in addition to using the equipments up to every option and detail.
Perform the required periodic services according to time schedules of manifacturer’s recommendation .
Perform trouble shooting services according to manifacturer’s guide and field experiences .
In addition to service administration staff which organize service managements to ensure fast response and efficient delivery of all services

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